Gearing up for a tournament

My 7-year-old twins are ready for their first All-Star tournament experience tomorrow. It’s apparently the first T-ball all-star tournament that the Cal Ripken Baseball has ever held in Florida, so this is officially a Pretty Big Deal.

Your Sarasota T-ball all-star starting first baseman (Jamie) and pitcher (Jason).

I’m very excited for them.  All the practices, lost and found equipment, assorted bumps, bruises and sore muscles have been worth it. I’ve been one of the team’s infield coaches and it’s been fun to see how far they’ve progressed in just a few weeks.

Up until tomorrow, baseball has been nothing but fun.  They’ve never kept score or had to worry about outs, errors or runs. It all changes tomorrow morning with big crowds, umpires, national anthems — and winners and losers. As a dad and a coach, I worry about that.

I suspect I’ll be a lot more nervous than they will be. I hope so.

They’re as ready as we can make them. The journey starts tomorrow when we report to the field at 8 a.m.  I’ll keep you posted.


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Officially too warm for jackets

Spring training opens

Warming up nicely under brilliant blue sky … 45 minutes until workout scheduled to begin here in Sarasota.

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Day dawns on the 2011 season

At 9 a.m. today a few fans had already camped out in the parking lot of Ed Smith Stadium waitng to get their first look at the 2011 Orioles at noon.

But most of the lot was still filled with cars belonging to construction workers as they frantically put the finishing touches on a masive renovation before the exhibition team’s first game at Ed Smith on March 1.

Good news is, it’s a nice day, although a bit cool for Florida standards. More to come.

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Ready for Spring Training

Spring Training is just around the corner. I’ll be trying to reactivate this blog during the spring, bringing you images, video and news about the Orioles as they prepare for the 2011 season.

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Church marketing can turn slippery

A repost here of a nice discussion on the dangers of  marketing when it comes to a church:

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iPad could be better

Back from a short hiatus with a few random thoughts on the iPad:

Yes, I want one, but they need to add a few features before it will be more useful to me than my iPhone.

1. It needs to act more like a tablet PC. Hear me out on this.  I want to be able to actually write notes on a page with a stylus. Put a microphone on the top edge so I can record my interviews as I take notes, too. That way I can ditch the pad, pen and digital recorder I juggle now. A USB port would be nice, too.

2. Which brings us to multitasking. The iPad will, eventually, have to be able to do more than one thing at a time. Even two things at a time would be a big step forward.

3. It ought to support Flash. I know it won’t as long as Steve Jobs has anything to say about it, but to not be able to view the majority of video on the web now is too limiting. That being said, if the iPad is indeed the future of personal computing, Flash will eventually go the way of the 3.5-inch floppy. Until then, I need options.

All this means I’ll be happy to hear all about the iPad from friends who have alrady plunked down money for one. And I can’t wait to see what the second- and third-generation iPads will be able to do.

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The future of print — Hold the ink

We finally may be on to something here.

In the couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a very exciting  glimmer of light for journalists that value the well-presented news package, that combines the best of print and web, something’s that’s organzied, looks good and is functional.

Last week, I found Flyp, a new hybrid bi-weekly web magazine that could very well be a glimpse of what publishing will look like a few years.

Yesterday I saw a promo of what Sports Illustrated is touting as the future of, well, what we do. It works for me. THIS is what I want to do:

Sports Illustrated – Tablet Demo 1.5 from The Wonderfactory on Vimeo.

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