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The future of print — Hold the ink

We finally may be on to something here.

In the couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a very exciting  glimmer of light for journalists that value the well-presented news package, that combines the best of print and web, something’s that’s organzied, looks good and is functional.

Last week, I found Flyp, a new hybrid bi-weekly web magazine that could very well be a glimpse of what publishing will look like a few years.

Yesterday I saw a promo of what Sports Illustrated is touting as the future of, well, what we do. It works for me. THIS is what I want to do:

Sports Illustrated – Tablet Demo 1.5 from The Wonderfactory on Vimeo.


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Are e-mail newsletters dead?

Some more food for thought from From the Rev. Nick Knisley, dean of the cathedral in Phoenix, who debates the idea that e-mail, being a “push” medium, is becoming an outdated mode for  communication:


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Workshop resources

For attendees of my Oct. 9 workshop “Crying in the Cyber Wilderness,” as part of the 41st Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida,  here are the links to other resources:

Church Web Site Design: Assessing and Improving your Web Site to Reach Outsiders This Internet Evangelism Day article assesses the usability, design, and readability of your  Web site. It also evaluates other important factors, such as your Web site’s ability to be found in search engines and encourage repeat visitors.
Is Your Church Web Site Useful? Lauren Hunter’s blog interview with Brandon Steiger, founder of a Web site development firm for non-profits, discusses the top issues that congregations face in creating effective Web sites and building a Web site with your congregation’s needs in mind.

Fifty of the Best Church Web Site Designs – Vandelay Design’s gallery features links to 50 of the best congregational Web site designs, along with sample layouts and methods that can be applied to your congregation’s Web site.

Book:Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability – Steve Krug’s book discusses easy navigation, home page layouts, and other factors that influence your Web site’s usability by focusing on users’ thought patterns when visiting Web sites.

A Little Church Web Site Discipline – eGrace Creative founder Brandon Cox, a freelance web designer, highlights the top mistakes congregations make when designing and implementing Web sites.

Five Key Principles of an Effective Web Ministry – This article from November 2008’s Christian Computing magazine describes how to create a memorable and engaging Web site that will connect your volunteers and members and encourage involvement.

A church can use simple blog software:

MultiSocial The Twitter Survival Guide, among other resources:

“The Social Media Guide at  “  has lots of how-to and explainer articles about all social networking sites.

The New Connectivity: How Internet Innovations Are Changing the Way We Do Church

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Tweeting for God

An article from the Bradenton Herald about churches and Twitter.

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Living in a post-daily world

“… The purpose, the very essence of journalism is to take information and opinion and make it more valuable by putting it in context, connecting the dots, telling the stories. The human desire for what we call journalism existed long before the daily newspaper, and the overriding need for what is essential about journalism will continue to exist long after the daily newspaper is gone.”

A nice essay about life after daily newspapers by the alternative weekly, the Sacramento News & Review.

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What happened at General Convention?

A 6-minute video showing the highlights of the 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church:

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General Convention primer

The 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church opens July 8 in Anaheim, Calif. This is a short overview of what convention is, how things generally work and what issues at this point are likely to generate the most interest:

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