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Stories lost in the fog

There are two stories in the news that aren’t getting a lot of attention right now, due the pesky economy and that election-thingy coming up next month. That’s just the way it is in the world of news, but these two events are, for some reason, fascinating to me:

Pirates in the Aden: The fact that modern-day pirates exist, and can actually get away with it, is amazing. Except one ragtag band of misfits decided to steal the MV Faina, a container ship loaded with Ukrainian tanks, weapons and ammo.The USS Howard, a guided missle destroyer, is sitting beside it making sure the tanks and missle launchers don’t disappear. I’m waiting for the Howard’s deck gun to punch two holes in the Faina’s hull near the waterline and say, “OK, let’s talk.”

Britney’s ex has a sex tape for sale: For someone who spent a lot of time running away from people with cameras, not to mention running over people with cameras, why didn’t she run from a naked guy with a camera? Is making a sex tape is a zoning requirement in 90210?


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