Ouch. Ouch.

tough lloss
Coaches talk to the team after a loss.

The good guys went down in flames again Thursday afternoon, 21-8. It’s getting ugly and the frustration is begining to show.

The results were predictable because the kids do what players their age tend to do: throw the ball around too much, and many of them can’t throw accurately or catch consistently. They’re 6 and 7 years old — it’s normal.
And while the kids are doing OK, the grown-ups are beginning to crack. The head coach started saying, to no one in particular, he really doesn’t know much about baseball before asking me to make the lineup. After the game, another coach informed me my lineup stunk because his kid hit last in the order.

You know, youth baseball at its finest.

The best observation of the day came from two high school kids I had the pleasure of sharing the press box with. The official scorekeeper/scoreboard operator and his buddy, the PA announcer, were chatting about a lot of things. Between the topics of summer jobs (not enough time off) and girlfriends (they’re too clingy), came this gem:

“We never played tournaments in T-ball.”

“Yea, it’s crazy.”

“They shouldn’t put that much pressure on these kids.”

I have to remember that. My faith in the youth of America has been renewed.


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