Gearing up for a tournament

My 7-year-old twins are ready for their first All-Star tournament experience tomorrow. It’s apparently the first T-ball all-star tournament that the Cal Ripken Baseball has ever held in Florida, so this is officially a Pretty Big Deal.

Your Sarasota T-ball all-star starting first baseman (Jamie) and pitcher (Jason).

I’m very excited for them.  All the practices, lost and found equipment, assorted bumps, bruises and sore muscles have been worth it. I’ve been one of the team’s infield coaches and it’s been fun to see how far they’ve progressed in just a few weeks.

Up until tomorrow, baseball has been nothing but fun.  They’ve never kept score or had to worry about outs, errors or runs. It all changes tomorrow morning with big crowds, umpires, national anthems — and winners and losers. As a dad and a coach, I worry about that.

I suspect I’ll be a lot more nervous than they will be. I hope so.

They’re as ready as we can make them. The journey starts tomorrow when we report to the field at 8 a.m.  I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. My advice? Bring a flask.

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